Luxembourg: A perfect weekend gateway from the center of Europe

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It was in the middle of European summer that we had a 3 day vacation including weekends. Having been already to the famous cities and countries in Europe I thought about exploring some nearby country. Being Located in Mannheim which is close to the Luxembourg and France border Luxembourg was the perfect option. When I was exploring for things to do or places to see in Luxembourg I could hardly find any articles written about this small European country. But now I can surely say that it is a perfect weekend gateway from Germany, France or Belgium and I would like to share why is it so.

View from the fortress. Just keep walking through the city to have captivating views of the old city and the fortress

Location and Access

The country is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany and it’s the only landlocked country in Europe.  Hence it also makes sense to have a convenient connectivity in terms of trains or buses. The country as a whole is covered with dense forests and nature reserves. If you are thinking of a small weekend trip then the city is a perfect destination and one could easily spend 2-3 days.

View of the Ducal Palace in the middle of old city


If you can speak german or French you can also feel that the language spoken there is a mixture of 2-3 languages. It’s officially called Luxembourgish. It is officially named as one of the three capitals of the European Union. Luxembourg city is the capital of Luxembourg and recognized by UNESCO for the role it played in the European history. [Link]

Everyone might have heard the fact that it is an expensive country being the financial capital of Europe. I would agree that it is expensive but if you organize the trip properly you can save on a lot. Since we were late in deciding on the trip we had lost the opportunity to find a hostel. We stayed in a hotel in a village called Dudelange half an hour by train to the south of Luxembourg. It costed me 35 euros for a night. Public transport in Luxembourg is very cheap, costs just 2 euros from one place to another. The trains or buses are rarely on time, this is what I experienced. But I would suggest you to find accommodation in north of Luxembourg if not center. The reason for this is that if you are planning Luxembourg for more than a weekend then North of Luxembourg gives large range of options like hiking, cycling or walk in nature reserves. Also, I have seen many making a bike trip from Trier or Saarbrucken to Luxembourg which one could also have a look at.

Luxembourg as a city has first impression of a medieval town enclosed with a fortified castle.

View of the Luxembourg old town fortress from the top

One could just see the ruins of the castle now. One could easily spend hours walking in and around the castle. Next destination on my list is the “Casemates”. They are a form of military defence works which could shelter thousands of soldiers and also housed kitchen, military houses etc. It is also a part of castle and you need not go away from the old town. The casemates give beautiful sights of the castle ruins from the top and is an exemplar of intelligent architecture. If you are a history and art lover there are two beautiful museums. One is the museum of national history and arts and other is the Luxembourg city museum. We visited Luxembourg city museum and for students they have free entry. It gives a brief idea of settling of Luxembourg as a country and its transformation into a financial capital. One can just spend a day walking through the tiny streets of Luxembourg  if the weather is good. In the afternoon, if you are on the top of the medieval town looking for a coffee or a beer just head into “kaale cafe”. It was one of the beautiful café I have ever visited only for its vintage ambience and unique collection of antiques. If you are at the bottom of the castle head on to Scott’s pub, one of the cozy pubs I have came across in Luxembourg. And yes! A pizza costs 10 euros, which is cheap for Luxembourgish price. Morever, just walking through the city and across the river you could come across, Notre Dam, Adolph bridge, court of Justice, Viaduct and all other famous spots which you see in Luxembourg pictures. Thus one could easily spend 2-3 in the midst of nature, medieval town and a modern city. I would also recommend to explore the city on bicycle.

Some food stall setup during the weekend festival in Luxembourg old town market. Festivals are tan amazing stop to experience the local food and culture.

If you have more than a couple of days to spend then head north towards castle Vianden palace. The sights of this palace are mesmerizing.

Vianden Palace [Image Source]

If you are an adventure enthusiast you can also make a hiking or cycling trail through the valley of seven castles. Among the forests, waters and fort ruins savour the natural bounty the region has to offer. Especially on Sunday the frequency is quite less and I would suggest to spend the day in the city itself.

Just a lazy Sunday morning.

Cuisine: Bouneschlupp– Soup with beans, carrots,  potatoes and bacon. It reminds me of the Hungarian Gulash soup.

Friture De La Moselle: Fried fish with a flour coating served sometimes with Fries, and lime. French or Luxembourg not sure!

Morever one can get all the worldly cuisines around Luxembourg. A Mexican restaurant at the city center served delicious food at a good price.

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