About Me

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I am Sourabh, an Indian by nationality but a cosmopolitan at heart attempting to share my experiences with fellow travelers. While I was studying bachelors, I had never thought of exploring so many places to be frank. This blog is not just about travelling, but it is more about leaving your comfort zone and experiencing the whole new world around you.


Being an engineer by profession, like every second Indian guy living outside of India, I am having a technical Job which I love. And trust me, you can prove every person wrong who says- Travelling is not possible whilst working. It’s been a while that I’ve been breaking the myths.

Being a master student in Germany infused this addictive hobby of travelling in me.  It made me realize that cooking (and trying different cuisines and recipes) is fun and it is my passion. It compelled me to buy a camera and helped me upgrade my photography skills which I eventually put to use at best on my trip to Tanzania. Having lost my passport, being interrogated by police in Poland, having an extended family, playing guitar on street, skiing in Alps, I have came across every kind of experience. Simply put, it made me aware of being alive and experiencing every day, every hour, or say every moment of life. What incident other than getting stuck in a storm on a boat where you are sure that this is going to be THE END of you, but still seeing yourself alive can force you to share your stories? I am sure there are numerous blogs out there, but I am also sure that everyone has different experiences and stories to share.


I would like to motivate young people from developing countries especially like India where people are tied up in their circle of life of getting a degree, finding a job, saving and then spending money for marriage, buying a house and the list goes on. There is somewhat perception created that travelling is expensive. I want to change this perception. Sure, you need money but the experience is priceless.

My aim is not at all to make money out of the blogs, but rather share my experiences, connect with fellow travelers and inculcate this habit of travelling in people.